An assortment of images from the Skeleton Krewe’s march on Mardi Gras day, New Orleans, 2014. The full gallery is available here and showcases all the costumes.

Monthly Boxes

So I cancelled my Skoshbox because I wanted to try something new. Well, I found the perfect box! The Box of Dread! It’s a box that comes every month filled with horror related items! Check it out its 20 bucks a month. Boxofdread.com

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FINALLY got my Testosterone again, after  a month or so of not having it. Just came in the mail today from Stroheckers and I took my shot. It feels so good to have it again. So, counting the month withought it, I dont know, Im sure I still had t in my body, it will be 10 months and 9 days today.

True dat!

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My April Skoshbox.